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Let us help you avoid premature wear on your car's gears.

Our Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanics have years of experience and will work to keep your vehicle's gears running smoothly. 


Foreign and Domestic Transmissions | East Longmeadow, MA | Hi-Tech Transmission, Inc.  | 413-525-1710

Extend the life of your differential today.

Overtime, high operating temperatures can cause the differential fluid to break down. You can protect against rust and corrosion in the differential, with Hi-Tech Transmissions' differential service. 

Minimize the effects of oxidation in your transfer case, with us.

You can reduce wear and tear on your vehicle by replacing the fluid in the transfer case. We will help keep your gears cool, clean and running smoothly, in no time. 

Maintain your vehicle's warranty requirements today! Call us or stop by 317 Somers Rd


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